19th TEX Users Group Conference TUG '98
Toruń, 17-20 August 1998
TUG'98 will be held at the Faculty of Economic Sciences and Management (Gagarina 13a - building No. 1) of the Nicholas Copernicus University, Toruń, Poland.

University Campus Scheme

Scheme of Bielany

Economic Sciences Biology Chemistry Library Rectorate (University administration) Bus Stop Bus Stop Bus Stop - Bus stop Go to town Bus Stop -

1 Faculty of Economy:
  • Registration and conference office
  • Conference Lecture Hall
  • Laboratories (tutorials)
12 Gymnasium
2 Faculty of Biology 13 Students' Canteen
3 Main Library 14 Students' Club "OdNowa"
4 Faculty of Chemistry 15, 16 Hostels
5 Rectorate
(University administration)
17 Out-patients' Department
6 Audience Hall Bus stop Bus stop - (click to get info)
7 Students' Hostels no. 7 and 8    Parking Parking
8 Students' Club "IMPERIAL" Internal
Road Sign Internal NCU road
9 Students' Hostel no. 9
TUG'98 accomodation
city road
sign City road
10 Students' Hostel no. 10
11 Students' Hostel no. 11
TUG'98 accomodation
(instead No. 10)