TeX Users Group

Annual General Meeting

July 22, 2003 @ 0800



Sue DeMeritt Chair


1              Welcome

2              Reading of the Minutes 2002 AGM

3              Old Business

      Review motions from last year and a half

4              New Business

      Thank conference sponsors

      Report from TUG office

o    501(c)(3) approval

o    TUGboat

o    TeX Live 2003 & 03-CTAN

o    TUG Store

o    Financial Statements (31-Dec-2002 P&L, BS, YTD 30-June-03 P&L, BS, Draft 04 budget, Membership report w/ YTD projection)

o    Pictures

      Announce TUG 2004 conference

5              Election Results

5a      Announce Officers

      President Karl Berry

      Vice President Kaja Christiansen

      Secretary Sue DeMeritt

      Treasurer Sam Rhoads

6              Open Q&A

7        Adjournment