Scientific Publishing with pdfLATEX

Patrick W. Daly
Max-Planck-Institut für Aeronomie

Arne K. Richter
Copernicus Society

Thursday July 24, 2003


In many areas of science, 20-60% and even more authors are applying LATEX when submitting their manuscripts for publication in scientific magazines, journals or book series. We therefore suggest that scientific publishers should apply LATEX with pdfTEX for
  1. composing, editing and formatting articles in any required document class and lay-out;
  2. making use of the easy conversion to PDF for mailing, proof-reading or uploading purposes; and
  3. taking advantage of PDF for e-publication on WWW and on CD-ROM, as well as for printing on paper by the print-on-demand or the computer-to-plate technologies of digital printing.
All these advantages of LATEXpdfTEX, from manuscript submission to final production of a journal or a book, are demonstrated here with examples from the scientific publications produced by the non-profit publishing house ``Copernicus''.

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