Practical TeX 2004: Training and Techniques

Workshops and Presentations on
LaTeX, TeX, ConTeXt, AMS-LaTeX

July 19-22, 2004
Holiday Inn Fisherman's Wharf
San Francisco, California

Keynote address: Peter Flynn, Silmaril Consultants

Conference web pages:

Hope to see you there!

Call for papers

If you would like to present a paper or hold a workshop, please email with your proposed topic. The conference proceedings will be published in TUGboat.

Important dates remaining:

Full call for papers (in plain text format suitable for email or posting).

Workshops and other presentations without formal papers are also welcome, as mentioned above. Furthermore, we'd like to invite anyone to request topics of interest, and we'll do our best to find someone appropriate for the area.

Further information

This three-day conference includes user-oriented presentations and workshops on LaTeX, TeX, and AMS-LaTeX and their use in document production. Parallel tracks will be offered to accommodate a wide range of users, from beginning to advanced. Expert speakers and lecturers will present experiences and techniques useful to all.

Conference attendees will enjoy an opening night reception and optional Chinatown banquet, with treasure hunt. Coffee and lunch will be served each day of the meeting. Located in the Fisherman's Wharf area, with easy access to many of San Francisco's colorful sights.

Conference fee and hotel information is available on the registration page.

Post-conference workshops

On the fourth day, July 22, courses will be offered focusing on specific areas: Intermediate and Advanced LaTeX training, TeX on the web, and an introduction to ConTeXt. These optional courses are separate from the conference.

Conference flyer and publicity

We'd be grateful for any posting of this one-page flyer for the conference: pdf, TeX source. Of course, mentioning it to colleagues and in any other contexts would be likewise appreciated.

Sponsorship opportunities

If your organization would like to help sponsor the conference, numerous options are available, from a straight cash donation (always welcome!) to logos on the conference memorabilia. Please see this separate sponsorship page for details, or email us.

We would like to express our deep appreciation to our corporate sponsors: Personal TeX, Inc.; Apple Computer; Addison-Wesley; and Marratech. Thank you!


Phone, fax, postal mail: see TUG office contact information.

Sponsored by the TeX Users Group. This conference is modeled after the successful TeX NorthEast user conference held in New York City.

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