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All Packages Below Require macOS 10.13, High Sierra, or Higher

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The Full MacTeX

The full MacTeX-2020 install package contains four pieces
TeX Live 2020: the full distribution with over 4 gigabytes of material.
GUI Applications: front ends, utilities, and a small amount of startup documentation.
Ghostscript 9.50
The Ghostscript library libgs, used by only one program in TeX Live, dvisvgm.

A Smaller Distribution, Basic TeX

TUG recommends the full MacTeX, even for beginners. It contains all files most users ever need. Beginners using it don't face the daunting task of searching for missing components and figuring out how to install them in the TeX distribution.

BasicTeX is a much smaller alternate TeX Distribution for users who do not want to download the full TeX Live, or have unreliable internet connections. BasicTeX is a subset of TeX Live of size 110 megabytes instead of 2 gigabytes. BasicTeX does not overwrite the full distribution; it is installed in /usr/local/texlive/2020basic.

BasicTeX only contains the TeX Live piece of the full distribution; it does not contain GUI programs or Ghostscript. To use TeX on the Mac, it suffices to install BasicTeX and a front end. To make life easier for users who want to use BasicTeX instead of the full TeX Live, we include links below to various pieces of MacTeX that can be added as needed.

BasicTeX was designed for easy download by users with limited download speed. The package is remarkably capable. It contains all of the standard tools needed to write TeX documents, including TeX, LaTeX, pdfTeX, MetaFont, dvips, MetaPost, and XeTeX. It contains AMSTeX, the Latin Modern Fonts, the TeX Live Manager to add and update packages from TeX Live, and SyncTeX.

[ approximately 80M - 07 April 2020 ]
The MD5 sum is b5d0d7d3353f836cacece0eb090ab1de
The SHA256 sum is c6a27c95a8af3bc26121cc3be415f3fc7120ffaa4ff4c1a860a7fe9fe78ac31e
The SHA512 sum is 08fefb885b33f428595899aa7230a6080c062e79434642ebc028914f1adce1ccbbdeabcb7d7ccf50660650daec238adf7d98f7b11f16e2f95854c411410f40a7

BasicTeX.pdf (about the BasicTeX distribution)

GUI Programs and Documentation from MacTeX

The GUI section of MacTeX contains four front ends and utilities. These programs are often updated, so it is best to get them directly from their respective web pages. Here are links:
TeXShop, a front end: TeXShop
LaTeXiT, a package which typesets equations to be pasted into Keynote, etc.: LaTeXiT
TeX Live Utility, a program to update and maintain TeX Live: TeX Live Utility
BibDesk, a program to handle bibliographies: BibDesk
In addition, this package installs a very small amount of documentation, mainly to explain recent changes or help new users get started. This documentation is available separately as a zipped folder: DocsAndSpellUtilities

Ghostscript 9.50 from MacTeX

Ghostscript is not required for pdfLaTeX or XeTeX, but is often useful for converting eps illustrations to other formats, or processing dvi files. This link gives the full install package:
[ approximately 24M - 29 March 2020 ]
The MD5 sum is 7dfb0c919a9559de5077a01dfd0e1596
The SHA256 sum is bb367e9ccdcb13d4b9c0761642f0f080040f5e31829ee29b1217f53ef62a3d48
The SHA512 sum is b86a39819be8e6d9373d9079cde85e9c8684f966afc8d3a8458a97502f9a2b8b62366b3cc0b2f69cb1c16b53def889f04cd71b591bf8641cb0d37c5b20f1e8aa